Scope Of Services

RMAS secure tailor made products to satisfy the unique needs of clients after careful deliberation. Policies are arranged with selected insurance companies with regards to cost, technical and financial capacity, terms and conditions in favor of client.

To make appropriate recommendations, RMAS reviews the risk exposures of clients by analyzing the nature and type of business operation. Where there are existing insurance policies, the insurance audit enables RMAS to identify any gaps in insurance arrangement.

RMAS secures the widest possible covers to serve the unique needs of clients at the minimum premium quotation.

Some insurance policies are statutory requirements hence mandatory. An assessment is carried out to ensure compliance with statutory requirements as provided in such laws as:-

  • Motor Vehicle (Third Party) Insurance Act. (1958)
  • Workmen Compensation Law, (1987)
  • Insurance Act 2006. (Act 724)
  • Pensions Act (2008) (ACT 766)

The crux of insurance arrangement is claims handling and negotiation. RMAS’s capabilities are legend in regard to claims handling. RMAS assist clients to complete all necessary documentation expeditiously.

After the submission of all claims documentation, RMAS ensures that the claims are paid  in the shortest possible time within the Regulator’s stipulated time for claims settlement. 

As a result of having an in house Barrister, RMAS offers legal services in relation to insurance and corporate governance.

Protect your valuable assets with the right insurance coverage!

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