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Risk Management & Advisory Services - Your Insurance Solutions

  • The Company is manned by personnel and associates of the highest caliber with training in: Insurance, Law, Risk Management and Advisory Services
  • Total market experience of Senior management spans various facets of Insurance practice.
  • State of the act broking software(GIMS Broking) to ensure risk management and advisory services are current.
  • Expertise in handling of large and difficult claims.
  • Periodic review of risk exposure of clients.
  • Training for representative of clients handling Insurance schedule.

The main objective of RMAS is to take its clients mind off worries relating to risk exposures.

RMAS offers the following services.

  • Risk audit and advisory services
  • Regulation and compliance.
  • Claims advice, negotiation, processing.
  • Periodic report on risk.
  • Legal services (relating to insurance).
  • Risk survey in conjunction with experts

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RMAS Membership

We are proud to inform you that Risk Management and Advisory Services is a member of GBN Worldwide.

GBN is an interconnected, technology backed, global insurance eco-system made up of independent insurance, reinsurance, human capital, and risk management organizations from around the world.

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